Best Maltz Acidulated Malt per kg

Weight: 1kg - Cracked
Sale price$6.80


BEST Acidulated Malt is used to optimize the pH value in the mash when the brewing water is not entirely optimal. This leads to higher enzyme activity in the mash and thus to a higher yield as well as better flavor stability. The colors of the worts become brighter and the aroma of the beer more balanced. The amount used and its effect on the pH shift in the mash should be determined by preliminary tests. The pH value of the wort and beer is not usually reduced, as more buffer substances are also formed as a result of the improved mass transfer.



Weight 1 kg - 25kg
COLOUR 3.0 - 8.0 EBC
Extract (Fine Dry, %) 76
Malt Type Base Malt


Packaging Policy

– Orders over 6kg packed into multiple bags
– Price break at 25kg 
– 25kg or more will only be supplied unmilled

**25kg bulk bags are too heavy for most couriers (and expensive to ship) these are currently only available for in-store pick up or local delivery. If you want a quote on shipping outside this area hit us up on the emails or

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