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The #1 way to fill bottles of your homebrew, directly from your kegging system. Just fit the Tapcooler into any forward sealing faucet (i.e. Ultratap, Nukatap, Perlick 600 series and Intertap. These fillers can be converted to fit Perlick 500 series with optional tap connector. Cannot be used with ventilated beer taps, i.e. not forward sealing beer taps.), hook up a CO2 line, and you're good to go. Fill bottles for a competition, or just fill a couple take home bottles for your friends. The Tapcooler is quick and easy to use, and will keep your homebrew tasting the same out of the bottle as it would out of the tap. Make bottling your homebrew easier today, with the Tapcooler!


  • Hooks up directly to any forward sealing faucet for quick and easy use.
  • Quick setup and easy maintenance.
  • Perfect for bottling for competitions, sending bottles home with friends, or just to have some bottles on the go!
  • A range of accessories are offered for more range and easier use!
  • Purge bottles with CO2 before and after filling for longer lasting beer!
  • Pressure relief valve allows for control over filling speed and allows excess foam to escape for the perfect pour every time!
  • Stainless Steel design
  • Easy to use and clean!


Accessories purchase separately:

Tapcooler Intertap Connection Tube

Tapcooler Beer Valve Keg Connector

Whether you need to fill a couple of bottles to take on the go, fill growlers or mini kegs under pressure, enter competitions with your kegged beer or simply capture a couple of bottles off your draught system, Tapcooler is the right piece of equipment to get it done perfectly everytime!

Tapcooler Connection & Setup

Connecting your CO2 line is also a snap. You can either hook up directly with a 3/16 in. push-fit line, or connect your line to the included barb fitting. Optionally, you can purchase the gas ball lock adapter which gives you the ability to attach a gas disconnect directly to the filler unit. This optional accessory is a MUST HAVE in our book!

With the Tapcooler design, your beer AND CO2 are filled from the bottom of the bottle through the telescoping bottle connection tube. First CO2 flows down into the bottom of the bottle to flush from the bottom up. Next you open the tap and beer flows down the same tube, filling from the bottom up. The result is a more effective purging of oxygen and little to no foam during the filling process.

The telescoping bottle connection tube allows you to fill bottles as small as 4.5 in. tall up to 12.5 in. You can fill taller bottles with the Tapcooler, but the tube will not reach the bottom of the bottle which can lead to some splashing. When filling large mouth containers, a bottle stopper of suitable size and with a 9 mm hole may be used.

The filler features a push-button CO2 purge valve which allows you to purge the bottle of oxygen before & after filling. It also includes an adjustable pressure relief valve, giving you the ability to change the filling speed. The pressure relief valve also acts as an overflow port for excess beer/foam to escape when filling. 

Tapcooler Cleaning

One of our favorite features of the Tapcooler is that is super easy to clean. Cleaning other bottle fillers can be a chore and take lots of time. The Tapcooler comes apart easily and allows you to clean all parts effectively and easily after each use.

All metal parts that come into contact with your beer, are made of stainless steel (SS304). The barb and ball lock CO2 adaptors are made of aluminum.

Lastly, the Tapcooler comes chock full of optional accessories which will adapt your filler perfectly to your setup. See the related parts section below for a list of them!

Why Tapcooler over other counter pressure bottle filler on the market

  • The first ever invented before copied by other supplier
  • Sleek design compare to the other counter pressure bottle filler which mean less waste trying to get the temperature of the filler to be same as the beer temperature passing through the lines
  • Lightweight
  • Ease in carrying around
  • Built to last
  • Quality made

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