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Food Grade Bundaberg Australian Molasses

Molasses is great for the traditional use of making rum but is also great for adding to your porters and stouts.

Known for its fertile red soil and tropical weather, Bundaberg is the perfect region to source the sugar cane that is essential to produce the world’s finest molasses. Bundaberg Refinery Molasses is a food-grade thick black liquid produced as the final syrup in the sugar refining process.

With molasses being the core component of rum, a specialised Distiller's Rum Yeast pairs perfectly with this product to create a fine quality, craft rum you will be proud of. 

This is a certified food grade molasses with approximately 55% sugar content in current batch (and a 40% guaranteed minimum).

Don't forget to purchase a Drum Tap for easy pouring.  Alternatively you can use a Natural tap, however the hole is not drilled through.

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