Briess CBW Sparkling Amber Liquid Malt Extract

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Briess CBW® malt extracts get all of their colour and flavour from base and specialty malts, never through additional boiling. CBW malt extracts are un-hopped and non-diastatic for flexible, creative brewing.

CBW Sparkling Amber LME (liquid malt extract) is 100% pure malted barley extract made from a blend of 100% malt and water.

Sweet, Malty, Caramel


  • Use in the production of Pale Ales, Red and Amber Ales, Munich Style Beers, Bock and Oktoberfest Beers, Scottish Ales, and darker beers including Stouts and Porters
  • All styles of extract beer, and to adjust the colour, flavour and gravity of all grain beers

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