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With spring around the corner, and the current cool temperatures, it's a great time of the year to lager your beers. But rather than brew the obvious, a lager, lets try something a little different, Cold IPA. Cold IPAs remain incredibly popular in the United States and are considered a core beer style by many breweries. They never hit the same lofty heights in Australia as a style, but we believe that's due to the constant churn of styles in the Australian market and not a reflection on the style which suits this country's warm climate. The main feature of a Cold IPA is using lager yeast in an IPA grist, hopped like an IPA, but lagered at cool temperatures like a lager. It's a blending of styles.


Recipe Brief:-

Batch size: 29L in kettle, 23L in fermenter.

Mash: 60 mins single infusion

Boil: 90 mins

OG: 1.061       FG: 1.010        IBU: approx 48             Colour: 6 EBC             ABV: 6.6 %



Temperature - 65 °C - 60 mins

Mash Out - 78 °C - 10 mins



5 kg Pilsner Malt (76%)

0.6 kg Wheat Malt (9.5%)

0.6 kg Maize (9.5%)

0.15 kg Aciduulatd Malt (2%)

0.2 kg Dextrose (3%)



75min – 20g Citra; 11% aa

10min – 15g Riwaka; 5% aa

10 min - 15 g Citra; 11% aa

Whirlpool – 35g Riwaka; 5% aa

Whirlpool - 15 g Citra ; 11% aa

Dry Hop: 50 g Riwaka, 50 g Citra, 100 g Strata



1 packet of Lallemand Novalager (11g)


Kettle Additions

Yeast Nutrient

Half a Whirlfloc tablet (or other fining agent)


Mash Additions (based on RO water profile)

4.00g Calcium Chloride

2.00g Magnesium Sulfate

+ 2mL 88% Lactic Acid (to achieve pH of 5.25). (NOT included, need to buy separately, see options tab)

**Salts, nutrients and fining agents are included in the grain bill kit

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