Rolled/Flaked Wheat (Australia) (per kg)

Weight: 1kg - Cracked
Sale price$4.50


Flaked wheat can be a useful substitute for raw grain. While it retains much of the special character of the raw product, flaked wheat is much easier to handle, primarily because it requires no milling. Like flaked barley, maize, and oats, it can be added directly to the barley malt in any mash.

For making Witbiers and other specialties. Helps with head retention in all beers. Will leave a slight haze. Can also be used in place of unmalted wheat in many recipes.

Quantity Discounts Available
Price is calculated based upon weight - input your required weight e.g 1.2kg for your price.

When ordering, please choose a bag number - this way we can make sure the right ingredients go together for your brew. Rolled/Flaked Wheat will be supplied inside your bag in a separate bag.


Packaging Policy

– Orders over 6kg packed into multiple bags
– Price break at 25kg 
– 25kg or more will only be supplied unmilled

**25kg bulk bags are too heavy for most couriers (and expensive to ship) these are currently only available for in-store pick up or local delivery. If you want a quote on shipping outside this area hit us up on the emails or

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