Gladfield (NZ) Aurora Malt (per kg)

Weight: 1kg - Cracked
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Gladfield Aurora Malt is an aromatic malt which has been developed to produce rich bready, fruitcake aroma and an orange red colour. Aurora Malt has a long traditional germination process to create complex sugars and amino acids which react during a careful kilning regime. The resulting Mailard reaction is responsible for the colour, flavour and aroma.

Aurora Malt is ideal for dark ales, Belgium style and high alcohol beers. If you want to make that big malty, rich beer then this is a great malt to use along with Gladfield Crystal and Red Back Malts. Gladfield Crystal Malt will add sweetness to Aurora Malt and further enhance the bready and fruitcake aromas. Gladfield Red Back and Shepherds Delight Malts bring out the red colours of Aurora Malt and also introduce complementary flavours to the finished beer. 

Use Aurora Malt to add a rich malt flavours to beers. Can be use at a rate of 100%.



Weight 1kg - 25kg
COLOUR 35 - 46 EBC (typically 46)
Extract (Fine Dry, %) 81
Malt Type Specialty Malt


Packaging Policy

– Orders over 6kg packed into multiple bags
– Price break at 25kg 
– 25kg or more will only be supplied unmilled

**25kg bulk bags are too heavy for most couriers (and expensive to ship) these are currently only available for in-store pick up or local delivery. If you want a quote on shipping outside this area hit us up on the emails or

Recipe: Gladfield Aurora Australis Amber 
Makes 25L

5.5kg Gladfield Aurora Malt (100%)

10.95g Pacific gem (60 mins)

Lallemand Windsor

OG 1.049
Estimated ABV 4.5%
Target IBU 16.4
Colour 34.5 EBC
Mash Temp 68c

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