Gladfield (NZ) Chit Malt

Grain Options: Coarse
Weight: 100g
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Chit malt has a particularly high level of inherent starter enzymes, which contribute significantly to improving the conversion of starch, thus increasing the yield. Chit Malt can improve body and foam is due to the process of modification of the starches in the grain by the enzymes still in the early stages during the process of kilning this malt. It will leave long protein chains in the malt that the yeast won’t be able to digest it entirely during fermentation.

Gladfield Chit malt is a good alternative for raw adjuncts. The flavour impact in a beer is minimum with subtle green, grassy raw grain flavour. As Chit malts contain mostly high-molecular proteins and sugars and thus retain many of the green, grassy characteristics of raw grain.

Chit malt is usually only lightly kilned and thus pale; only rarely is it roasted like color malts.  Because chit malt is modified just enough to be technically called “malt,” it can serve, in essence, as a legal functional substitute for unmalted or roasted barley, which are important elements in the grist composition of many Belgian and British beer styles.



Weight 1kg - 25kg
COLOUR 2 - 6 EBC (typically 46)
Extract (Fine Dry, %) 10
Malt Type Specialty Malt

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