Grainfather S40 Immersion Chiller

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How to Use S40 Immersion Chiller: 

Cooling with the S40 Immersion Chiller - 

  1. Place the hose where the water will exit from the immersion chiller into a drain or bucket to divert
    the water.
  2. Once you are ready to cool your wort, turn on the cold water tap and leave it to run through
    the immersion chiller until your wort reaches fermentation temperature. NOTE: The final wort temperature will be within approximately 5 degrees of your ground water temperature.
  3. To increase the cooling speed, stir the wort with a sanitised spoon.

Transferring, using the S40 Immersion Chiller - 

This is different to using a counterflow wort chiller which simultaneously transfer as it cools, you need to allow the wort to cool and settle before starting to transfer.

  1. Allow the cooled wort to settle.
  2. Place your clean and sanitised fermenter under the tap on the side of the boiler.
  3. Open the tap and allow the wort to drain into your fermenter.
  4. Once all of your wort has been transferred into your fermenter, add yeast, and leave to ferment for the specified time, depending on your recipe.

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