Hallertau Hersbrucker Hops - Hop Pellets 50g

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Hersbrucker is traditional in the lightly-hopped lagers and ales of southern Germany and does excellent work in Munich-style pale and dark lager, Weissbier, Oktoberfest, and Bock. Its mellow spiciness is also at home in many Belgian ale or more hop-forward lagers like Pils.

Floral and herbal – similar to Mittelfrüh, but with an added element of fruit and more dominant spice component; in a good crop year, Hersbrucker can be a bit more pungent than Mittelfrüh as well. 

We have the freshest hops as we bring new stock in constantly, so any hops you purchase have not been sitting in our coolroom for long.

Alpha 2% - 5%
Type Aroma
Possible Substitutions Hallertauer Tradition | Spalter Select | Mount Hood | Strisselspalter | Hallertau | Liberty
Year of Crop 2021

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