LalBrew® BRY-97 American West Coast Ale Dry Yeast 11g

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LalBrew® BRY-97 American West Coast Ale Dry Yeast (Danstar) was selected from the Siebel Institute Culture Collection and is used by a number of commercial breweries to produce different types of ale. It is a classic American ale yeast that offers the convenience and long shelf life of dried yeast along with high quality standards and excellent performance.

Quick, clean, and well-attenuating are the chief properties of this yeast. It is most comparable to the "Chico"-style strains. In our experience, this strain stays clean at relatively high temperatures (up to 78F), and flocculation is marginally better than other "Chico" strains. Due to the slightly higher flocculation tendencies, it does slightly reduce bittering levels in the finished beer.

Through expression of a beta-glucosidase enzyme, LalBrew® BRY-97 can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavor and aroma. 

Attenuation: Medium to High
Flocculation: High
Alcohol Tolerance: 13% ABV
Optimum Fermentation Temp: 15-22°C
Dosage: 50 - 100g/hl (0.5g to 1.0g per litre)
Please Note: For best results we Always recommend ordering an Ice Pack with your dry yeast. Ice Packs can be found below in the "Optional" section.

Direct Pitching:
Pitch the yeast directly in the fermentation vessel on the surface of the wort at or above the fermentation temperature.

Sprinkle the yeast in a minimum of 10 times its weight of sterile water (we suggest 110ml) at 30 to 35 °C. Stir gently, leave to rest for 15 minutes, then stir to suspend yeast completely. Leave it to rest for 5 minutes at 30 to 35°C, and pitch the resultant cream into the fermentation vessel.

Perfect strain to ferment:

  • Cream Ale
  • American Wheat
  • Scotch Ale
  • American Pale Ale
  • American Amber
  • American Brown
  • American IPA
  • American Stout
  • Russian Imperial Stout
  • Imperial IPA
  • Old Ale
  • American Barleywine

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