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Give your homebrew that refining touch.

A largely unfermentable carbohydrate; add to the boil to increase body and mouthfeel in low-gravity beers or add to the wort at the same time as the extracts.

Adding Maltodextrin to your extract brew will help you fine-tune the body and mouthfeel without affecting the flavor. The Maltodextrin molecule is a chain of sugars between 4 and 20 dextrose units in length. That means it is only 3% fermentable by brewer's yeast, and so will contribute body to the finished beer. It is naturally present in all finished beers, up to 6% by weight, but the grains that yield it in All Grain brews don’t respond well to steeping in extract batches.

It is often also referred to as Dextrin or Dextrine Powder.


  • Usage: Add 200-300g in 23 litres of lighter beers. Or add 500g in 23 litres of stout and heavier beers.


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