Nano Boss Domestic Controller: 10amp Plugs. Touch Screen PID Controller & Voltage Control

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  • PID temperature control
  • Integrated Voltage Control for Boil Rate Management. 0% to 100% power control for brewers and distillers
  • Can be used to work from 90V up to 260V AC
  • Power Feed into the controller and feed out to element is electrically fitted to suit elements up to 15amp.
  • Pump circuit power feed in and out is electrically configured for pumps up to 10amp using AU certified 10amp power lead and plugs
  • IP66 rated AU certified plug tops supplied on all power in/out feeds of the controller for improved user safety. IP66 rated plug tops are water proof plug tops and for use in wet areas like brewing areas 
  • 40amp relay built within the controller, which means it is electrically tough with the ability to upgrade and power any NANO-X vessel up to 170L or single phase elements up to 6900w
  • To power 225L or 270L double element NANO-X vessels you will need to add an additional relay module to run a second element
  • Ability to add 4 additional relay modules meaning the controller can control up to 5 X 30amp elements from a single controller. (important: all elements will run the same as the element controlled by the controller i.e if you set voltage at 80% all 5 elements will run at 80%, if you set the temperature control is set to 68 degree then all elements will cut off at 65 degree).
  • Touch screen pump operation. Plug your Pump Directly into the NANO Boss Controller. Operate your Pump with the Push of a Button
  • High Resolution Display
  • All domestic relays have 40amp relays within them
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen Controller
  • Intuitive & Simple Touchscreen Menus & Operation
  • Brew day automation. Set-up your Brew Day with Automated Temperature Steps & Alarms for Boil Additions
  • Ability to store your favorite Profile Settings for Future Brew Days
  • Integrated set time delay to pre schedule your heating
  • Built-in Wifi Technology for future software updates to keep your controller current. Future Feature Updates Integrated by Performing Simple Remote Updating with the use of a PC
  • Splash-Proof Case & Non-Slip Feet
  • Fire retardant plastic side casing for increased electrical safety
  • Built in board fuse on the controller board to protect the board from any power surges which could render the controller useless
  • Bench or wall mount capability. The NANO Boss has 2 sets of wiring ports allowing the controller to be wired through the back or through the bottom
  • Choice between a 1/2″ Weld-less fitting, custom designed for temperature housing or our custom 1.5″ Tri Clover Temperature Housing

What you get:

  • NANO Boss Domestic Touch Screen Controller
  • 3m cord Sensor Probe
  • Sensor probe housing. Choice of 1/2″ weld-less sensor probe housing fitting or 1.5″ Tri Clover sensor probe housing fitting

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