One Drop Double Vanilla Custard Pancake Imperial Nitro Thickshake IPA - LIMITED STOCK

Sale price$15.00


ABV: 10.1%
VOL: 440ml

It's the beer that made it just outside the GABS Hottest 100 hitting #101 in its first year. Last year it made #67. And now it's back!

Sit down. Ideally somewhere comfortable with a lot of pillows. You need to read this. Double the lactose. Double the vanilla. Double the Nitro. Yip. This here my friend is our full Milkshake Treatment® turned right up to 10 plus plus. An Imperial IPA with oodles of wheat, oat milk, custard powder, vanilla, and Sabro. Who cares where or how, its just in there. Relax, grab a straw, and come get thicc yo.

Keen to know the secret to the perfect pour on this Nitro bad boy? 

Step 1: Flip can vigorously 3 times
Step 2: Rest for 5 sec then crack open
Step 3: Drop pour hard and vertically into your chalice 
Step 4: Watch the magic unfold in your glass.

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