One Drop Southern Hospitality TDH DIPA with Clean Fusion

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ABV: 8.0%
VOL: 440ml

They say good things come in threes... Southern Hospitality is the first part in a series where we showcase some of our favourite hop combos through our Clean Fusion program. First up is our in-house holy trinity of classic US Citra® and Mosaic®, backed up by home-grown Vic Secret™ expressed through a TDH (Triple Dry Hop) regimen.

What's special about this TDH release is that where many of our Clean Fusion IPAs to date have usually showcased only a single or double dry hop addition, we've taken a triple-headed approach to how we use these A-Class hops. First by dosing micro hop additions at the start of fermentation when we add our proprietary house yeast, second during active fermentation for those quintessential bio-transformative qualities, and finally employing our Clean Fusion method for that true, original stripped IPA character. This is no two-step, no ma'am - we're taking it all to the next level, triangulating that Humulus Lupus and smashing together those citrus, stone fruit and pineapple vibes from these three banging hops into one all encompassing divine frothy one.

So shoes off, feet up - it's time to park those semi-fried versions and discover an IPA with real Southern Hospitality.

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