Plaato Airlock V3

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Clearing sale! PLAATO is ending the sale of their homebrewing products by November 23rd 2023. App however will be operated until November 2025.

PLAATO Airlock measures the specific gravity of your beer during fermentation, and transmits the data every fifth minute to the PLAATO App through WiFi.

Start real-time fermentation tracking:

• Fermentation activity
• Specific Gravity
• Alcohol percentage
• Ambient temperature

The package includes everything you need to get started with real-time fermentation monitoring, including: PLAATO Airlock V3 with redesigned bubbler and lid and a 3m Power cable.

Can be integrated to your favourite brewing software. Get everything in the same place - and track your fermentation directly from Brewfather or other brewing platforms.

Suitable for all fermentation types. Wine, cider, mead, moonshine - Plaato works on every fermentation you would like to try.

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