RAPT Pill - Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)

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The RAPT Pill allows accurate and precise, true real-time specific gravity and temperature logging and control via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth integration with the RAPT fermentation chamber (KL15813), RAPT mobile app or RAPT IOT. 

The RAPT Pill acts as both a real-time gravity testing hydrometer and thermometer allowing instant gravity and temperature measurements and also logging from inside your fermenter during fermentation.

The RAPT Pill boasts many advantages over other wireless hydrometers and thermometers including tough design, better ergonomics, sanitary design and less susceptible to error as a result of hops, krausen or CO2 bubbles generated from fermentation.


Ensure the RAPT Pill is charged for 24 hours before use. This is to ensure that it is fully charged and the battery is calibrated.

Once the RAPT Pill is connected via USB-C and connected to Wi-Fi, the firmware will automatically update to the current version (if needed). The Pill must be plugged in via USB-C and connected to Wi-Fi in order to receive firmware updates.

The RAPT Pill has a long battery life and can last 2-5 months between charges when utilising Wi-Fi. If only using Bluetooth the the battery can last 2+ years before needing to be recharged. The RAPT Pill has a USB-C charging port on the circuit board allowing fast charging from any USB-C cable.

How long will the pill last between charges?
60min telemetry frequency - 1.5 years
30min telemetry frequency - 9.5 months
15min telemetry frequency - 5 months
NOTE: This is the default telemetry frequency is 60 min so if you do not change the settings then out of the box the battery should last 1.5years approximately.

The RAPT Pill has an optional upgradable external antenna (sold separately) which can be installed onto the circuit board allowing the RAPT Pill signal to pass through thick-walled stainless fermenters such as kegmenters which other wireless hydrometers struggle to penetrate.

The RAPT Pill is universal and is compatible with most standard carboys, Cornelius kegs, stainless steel fermenters and pressurised fermenters.

All RAPT Pill units come with a Yellow top housing. 

The Google Play Android App can be downloaded via the link below.

The Apple App Store RAPT App can be downloaded via the link below.

"This app is a web mobile wrapper that allows you to browse the RAPT portal/website so that the website renders into a mobile device screen increasing usability on your device.  It also gives you the added functionality of push notifications to your mobile device." 

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