Siphon Spray Wort Aerator/Spreader

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As an aerator:-

No more shaking or rocking your fermenter! Let us do the heavy lifting with this is great, inexpensive way to aerate your wort! 
Increase dissolved oxygen in your wort without having to lift and shake a heavy fermenter. Fanning out the wort as it flows over the aerator increases surface area and allows for dramatically increased oxygen absorption. Attach this aerator/diffuser to the end of your transfer tubing when filling your fermenter. 
As a wort spreader:-
Multi use tool to assist with spreading your wort by creating a spray pattern when utilising a whirlpool or recirculating arm. As well as for creating a spray pattern when sparging with hot water. Temperature resistent to 190° F. Fits 3/8" interior diamter tubing.

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