Weyermann (German) Carapils

Milling Options: Coarse
Weight: 100g
Sale price$1.30


Carapils has a clear, glassy endosperm and contributes unfermentable sugars that add foam stability, and palate fullness to beer. Use up to 5% to improve body and significantly enhance head retention without adding flavor or color to your beer. 
However it can also be used at a higher rate in special cases, say if you are making a Session IPA, and are trying to simulate a higher gravity beer. Because of its extremely light color and neutral flavor it won't have much affect on the final color or flavor of your beer. Carapils belongs to a category of malts labeled as Dextrine, sometimes Dextrin, malts. We mention this because you might see either of these names in your recipe.
Weight 1kg - 25kg
COLOUR 2.5 - 6.5 EBC
Extract (Fine Dry, %) 75
Malt Type Specialty Malt





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